By the Members, of the Members & for the Members

President Message

Let’s Grow Together!

The renowned American author – Edward Everett Hale – has rightly said, "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." I believe, Indian Die Mould Industry needs to adopt this proverb immediately. We must work together to enhance our competitiveness, become masters in our field, compete with the global giants in order to fulfil the growing domestic demands.

Let’s just be honest and accept that we cannot be masters in all the fields from the start. We all have to realize our potential and keep on working hard to become masters in the subject. Companies should aim to work together under one umbrella, to enhance their capacity and services. We cannot depend on customers to hand-hold us, to improve our performance; we need to invest our own time and resources to keep ourselves abreast with the latest technological advancements and tools, to become competitive.

Yes, we do have challenges in India. As a nation, we need to work on skill development, infrastructure is not up-to-the-mark, technology adoption is slow, taxes are high, and many more. One can go on & on to list the number of challenges – however, we all should focus on the positivity. The economy is growing, domestic demand is on full swing, localisation is the new trend within the Automotive sector, and there is a whole lot of new entrepreneurs joining the industry – what else will a tool-maker need, to grow?

I must say, if we start working as a team and help each other grow, nothing can stop us in becoming a Die-Mould Power-house. I would even go on to say, that we must not only restrict our aim to just reduce the imports, but also to become so good that OEMs from developed nations also import tools from us.

One of the best example of Team Work is TAGMA. 28 Years back, eight individuals came together to represent the voice of the Tooling Industry, and formed TAGMA. That dedicated team effort is the result of today’s TAGMA, an Association that is well recognised by the world.

As TAGMA TIMES turns 25 this month, I must thank all the Founder-Members who took up the challenge with a far-sighted vision to accomplish an unimaginable uphill task, showed us the path to continue on the journey of their vision, and facilitated our coming together.

Let’s work together and grow together!