By the Members, of the Members & for the Members

President Message

Hello Dear Friends,

At the outset, we the new Executive Council at TAGMA extend to you very warm greetings on the eve of festive season of Diwali and the new Samvat 2074.

Having completed its Silver Jubilee Year in 2016, we have to set our new goals for the next few decades as we see the new Industrial and Manufacturing world developing around, throwing new opportunities in our domestic turf as well as in Global Arena.

We are fortunate to be existing in an era where Indian economy is witnessing the fastest growth in the world.

Automotive segment which is considered the prime mover for Tooling will be the third largest in the world by 2022.

While last few years, we have made an attempt to bring the OEM’s and the Supplier Communities together, using various forums like Die & Mould, International Tooling Summit, Technical Seminars and road show, these activities have motivated us enough to strengthen the bond between us, However message from the Customers is very clear.


We cannot depend on them (Customers) to hand hold us to improve our performance; we need to invest our own time and resources to keep ourselves abreast with the latest technological advancements and tools, to become competitive.

While the new team will continue to focus, on current initiatives, the immediate task on hand is:

  • To provide State of the art facilities including Modern Metrology lab, at TCET, Pune.
  • Skill development programs for various technologies in the field of Die Casting, Plastic Mold and Stamping tools.
  • Design Training Programs

Once established, we would like to extend the facilities to provide such training at various chapter location pan India.

I urge upon the TAGMA members to provide suggestions feedback on what more could be done to address the needs of Tool making to address the needs of Tool making fraternity to make ourselves more efficient and competitive.

I once again reiterate that market will not be a constraint going forward, our success will depend on the speed with which we will reduce or remove our internal constraints.

I, assure you that together we will write a new chapter in the history of TAGMA by supporting each other while we scale new targets in our respective fields.