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Volume: XXVI / No. 11 (Private Circulation For Members Only) July - 2020
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In Focus
Skill up today for a better tomorrow
Without sharpening your weapon; standing on the battlefield would not increase your chance of winning, says Ankit Sahay, an author. And, rightly so! Even though the Indian tooling industry has the determination to compete with its global counterparts, it currently lacks the required trained manpower to help it achieve its goals. Various initiatives and some digital strategies could come to the rescue and help bridge the skill development gap.
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Leaders Speak
India has great potential to grow owing to its high domestic demand
Now, India has the chance to emerge as the new manufacturing destination as an alternative to China. In fact, we have a few global companies that have already invested in India and many more are in the process of doing so, says - Ravindra Moolya, CEO, Speroni India Pvt. Ltd.
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COVID-19 has taught me why it is important to value manpower
I believe when making a decision that could have a greater impact on everyone, it’s very beneficial to take into consideration the collective viewpoints of a team, says - SK Pasha, Managing Partner, Jupiter Tooling.
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Tool rooms need to gear up. Setback ka jawab comeback se dena hai!
The Indian market is set to rebound and will be bigger than before. But is the Indian tooling industry ready? Each tool room has to plan for bigger and professional operations. The defence and aerospace sectors are garnering newer lucrative opportunities. Tool rooms should consider exploring such opportunities, says - Sunil Desai, Director, Designcell CAD-CAM Solutions Pvt. Ltd., and Partner, SubAero Precision Machining.
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The ability to respond flexibly to the rapidly changing demand provides an opportunity for Indian manufacturers
By integrating digitalization and automation, manufacturers can now quickly turn around ideas and insights into reality, simulate and validate product performance, define and refine processes to produce goods within their predefined budgets, on time and as per the customer’s requirements. This is key to competitiveness and Siemens Xcelerator portfolio is helping manufacturers in India achieve it, says - Tony Hemmelgarn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Digital Industries Software.
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Tech Focus
Steel Development for High-Pressure Die Casting Dies with Highest Surface Requirements
Due to technical but also aesthetic reasons the surface quality of cast products, and of the die casting dies accordingly, gains more and more importance. Surface quality is directly related to the appearance of thermal shock cracks which are transferred onto the castings during the casting process. This report describes the new premium hot-work tool steel CS1 which, due to its particular combination of properties like unusually high working hardness, tempering resistance, and simultaneously high toughness offers an exceptional resistance against formation and growth of thermal shock cracks.
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Case Study
From Die Design to Defect-Free Castings: Shiva Tool Tech Achieves 80% Time Reduction with Altair Inspire Cast
Shiva Tool Tech is an automotive manufacturing focused, industrial powerhouse based in Pune, India. With over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of gravity die casting (GDC), low-pressure die casting (LPDC), highpressure die casting (HPDC) dies, the company supports customers at every stage—right from manufacturing process design to the production stage. Manufacturing processes include milling, drilling, hardening, grinding, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), inspection and polishing to get the final assembly of the casting die.
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Industry Updates
  • ABB India opens a new robotics facility to support the digital transformation of manufacturing in India
  • Bosch inaugurates fully automated production lines for protective face masks in India
  • Big opportunity for India to engage with the world and boost exports: CII
  • Coming up: Single window system for industrial clearances
  • Indian Auto Component Industry clocks turnover of ` 3.49 lakh crore (USD 49.2 billion), de-grows 11.7 per cent in FY 2019-20
  • Sensitive toolholder to monitor machining processes
  • Hexagon enhances part loading efficiency with new large volume CMM
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Flip Book
Product Update
Mould Testing Unit (MTU)
This sturdy & portable unit helps in testing of the cooling circuits of the mould after the mould manufacturing is completed and before it goes for the first trials. The tests that can be carried out with this machine are leakage, flow rate and high pressure adjustment
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Solid Carbide Endmills
Hard part machining require tool geometry with stable cutting edges and close tolerances. This Solid Carbide Endmills from AXIS are specially designed to meet the needs of machining hard parts
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