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Dies, moulds and tools form an integral part of the production process in almost every industry and are considered the mother industry for manufacturing. Such is the importance of the tooling industry that it is universally recognised as a strategic industry for driving industrialisation of a country. Consumer industries like automobiles have seen a sharp rise in demand for new technology and designs leading to a rise in demand for various innovative tools and dies. The advancing technology in recent times has revolutionised the die and mould sector. Industry players who understand the need of the innovative products are growing rapidly in India.

The history of tooling industry in the country dates back to the Second World War, when the nonavailability of imported machine tools led the British owned engineering firms to set up their manufacturing in India. A series of Five Year Plans later, India today stands amongst the twenty largest producers of cutting tools in the world. The tooling industry as per the industry survey is estimated to be Rs. 15100 cr. for year 2014-15 of which Rs. 3322 cr. is met thru imports, rest is met indigenously.

The advanced technology and globalisation has seen quality tools being made available for the manufacturers. Historically, the tooling industry was dependent on the automobile and auto component sector for majority of its business. Today, sectors like White goods, FMCG, Electrical switchgear and PVC fittings etc are also contributing to the growth of the Indian tool making industry. The new Indian government is focused on Make-In- India campaign and emphasis is being given to the emerging areas like aerospace, defence, power, railways and heavy engineering. Diversification into these new emerging areas has given a new lease of life to the tooling sector with an expectancy of 15-20% year-on- year growth. The industry estimates orders worth Rs 5,000 Cr and Rs 1,200 Cr from the Defence & Railway Ministries alone.

The Indian tooling industry can grow further with government initiatives. Major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in India are working on a plan for indigenisation of components getting into their main assemblies as per the government guidelines. This includes the Auto & Electronic sectors too. Policy reforms by the government to make the procurement of tooling from indigenous sources will ensure growth in domestic production.

The Dies, Moulds and Press Tools manufacturing industry has substantial multiplier effect on the domestic economy, hence must be nurtured to become self reliant.

The growing optimism in the Auto sector that India may become the primary base for manufacturing and sourcing auto components is directly related to the development of the tooling industry in India.

There is a need to make India self reliant as the nation strives for greater industrialisation and higher GDP. Focus on developing the tooling industry will not only make it the indigenous source for the manufacturing industry within the country but also one of the major exporters that meet the standards of a global competitive market. Despite various liberal government policies, the sector is yet to make a mark in the global picture. A 100% FDI is allowed in the tooling industry that is slowly attracting steady investors. Similarly, the government has set very low excise and import duties for the industry. There are various other policies that form an incentive for the tooling industry. However, the sector realises the need for upgradation in technological capabilities that need to match global standards. The industry has managed to rise in the last ten years despite infrastructure challenges such as roads, ports and power.

TAGMA has always taken up issues that are important in the larger picture. The tool and gauge manufacturing industry in India needs a platform to voice its efforts and achievements in raising the potential of the manufacturing industry in India. It needs a platform to showcase its contribution towards the industrialisation of a rising economy of country like India. TAGMA is organising a two - day International Tooling Summit on 9th and 10th Feb. 2017 at The Grand New Delhi to present the Indian Manufacturers a platform to present to the world, their state of the art technology and qualitative products despite the lower cost of operations.

The Executive Council of TAGMA India requests all its members, suppliers to this industry and technology experts to participate in a big way to make this event a grand success.


TAGMA INDIA - the apex body of Indian Tooling Industry established in 1990, serves as a forum for the Indian Tool Room & Die and Mould Industry to the Govt. of India and also across the world. Over the years we have been successful in achieving some of the objectives like Diemould India International exhibition (DMI) the most popular mould & die show in India showcasing capabilities of the industry, Online library for members and Computer Based Training (CBT) modules at NTTF-TAGMA Library, bangalore, Periodical surveys of the Tool Room industry, etc.


The first international Tooling Seminar held on 26th and 27th Feb. 2016 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai was a massive success with quality Participation national and international from the entire tooling fraternity.


  • Commemorated TAGMA’s Sliver Jubilee Year.
  • The importance of continuous innovation in terms of product offerings, and manufacturing process covering the entire supply chain, was stressed, so as to be able to meet the demands of a highly competitive manufacturing sector.
  • The summit provided a great platform for tool and gauge manufacturers to share their efforts in helping the manufacturing & automobile industry in realizing their potential.