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Programme Schedule

International Tooling Summit 2016

Day 1 - The International Tooling Summit 2016 "25 Years of TAGMA: The Journey Ahead" 26th February, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai)

Opening Remarks

Sunita Quadros, Business Head, Times Conference Ltd


Welcome Address

A Dayanand Reddy - President, TAGMA INDIA


Address by the Chief Guest

Kamal Bali, Managing Director, Volvo Group India

The way forward for the mother industry: What is needed to pole vault the tooling industry to the next level in India


Keynote Address

Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Partner & CEO, Ronald Berger Strategy Consultants-India

Making india the manufacturing hub of the world - Needs a vibrant, robust, sustainable growth of Indian Tooling Industry


Panel Discussion 1

A leap towards a long term growth of the tooling industry in collaboration with automotive sector

The interdependence of the manufacturing industry and the tooling industry makes it imperative for both the industries to look at qualitative growth to meet the international standards in manufacturing. How can this interdependence be better utilized to meet the international standards in domestic production?

Prabhakar Kadapa, CEO & MD, AVTEC

Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Partner India, Ronald Berger Strategy Consultants

Anoop Chaturvedi, Vice President-Production Engg, Maruti

Marya Corum, Director -Cosma International

Kumar Kandaswami, Partner-Manufacturing, Deloitte India


Technical Presentation 1

Hidehiko Yamamoto, Specialist-Die Mold Business Development-MAKINO Japan

Topic: Global Trends in the Machining Technology for Dies & Molds


Panel Discussion 2

Challenges ahead for the tooling industry

Product technology obsolescence, lack of innovation & professionalism are not the only challenges faced by the industry. Technology, innovation, capacity building with equipment and lack of initiative for training institutes specifically for the tooling industry causes a huge deficit in the skill development in the sector. How does the industry look at overcoming this deficit?

Sanjiv Paul, Head-Manufacturing, Yamaha India

Dr Mohan Godse, Executive VP-Product Development, Endurance Technologies

Vijay V Deshmukh, Ex-VP-Engineered Tooling Solutions, Larsen & Toubro

Vijay Pratap Singh, Head-Motion Control Business, Siemens

Easwaran Subramanian, Partner-Supply Chain & Manufacturing Operations, Deloitte India


Technical Presentation 2

Jean-Charles Kanny, Technical Support Manager, HUSKY ASIA

Topic: Latest Innovations of “Hot Runner Technologies”


Technical Presentation 3

Michael Huth, Zimmer & Krem

Topic: Automation-One Piece Work Flow in Die & Mold Shops


Technical Presentation 4

Vishal Agarwal, Head-Yudo India Group

Topic: Revolution in Automotive & Packaging Hot Runner Technology along with Examples of IML with Case Study of Automation


Day 2 - The international tooling summit 2016 "25 Years of TAGMA: The Journey Ahead" 27th February, 2016-Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

Welcome Address

L Krishnan, MD, TaeguTec India

Opening Address


A S Raju, Senior Vice President-Supply Chain, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Topic: Expectations of oems from indian toolmakers


Technical Presentation 1


Topic: Emerging trends in die & mould machining


Technical Presentation 2

Dr K P karunakaran, Prof-Dept of Mechanical Engg, IIT Mumbai

Topic: 3D printing: impact on the tooling industry


Technical Presentation 3

Hakan Engstorm, Tools Steel Expert, Toolox (Sweden)

Topic: New generation pre_hardened steels


Technical Presentation 4

Nitin Gupta, AutoForm Engineering India Pvt Ltd

Topic: Driving productivity in stamping through technological innovations


Technical Presentation 5

Ingolf Schruff from KIND & Co. (Germany)

Topic: Automotive lightweight from the tool steel producer's point of view


Technical Presentation 6

Hiroshia Morikubo-Punch Industry (Japan)

Topic: Productivity improvement for piercing the ultra high tensile steels


Technical Presentation 7

Thej Kumar, General Manager, Toyoda Gosei South India Private Limited

Topic: Requirements for automotive plastics industry-a tooling perspective


Technical Presentation 8

Venkateshwara Rao, Mahindra & Mahindra

Topic: Experience on indian tooling industry & way forward


Technical Presentation 9

P N Krishnaswamy, Bohler Uddeholm

Topic: Effects of surface detoriation of tool steels in tool making & its prevention


Technical Presentation 10

Hidetoshi Shiraishi, Hitachi Metals (Japan)

Topic: Tool steel for die casting die mold & innovative new cold work die steel