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DMI2024: Are sounding success
In the 2024 edition of the Die & Mould India Exhibition, over 300 exhibitors from 15+ countries showcased the latest advancements in the tooling industry across 25,000 sqm. With India’s diverse sectors driving growth, the industry is poised for double-digit expansion. Over 38,000 visitors from 15 sectors attended the event, signalling immense potential. The success of Die & Mould India 2024 promises abundant opportunities ahead for the Indian tooling industry.

The 13th Die & Mould India International Exhibition held from February 14-17, 2024, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon, Mumbai, was a grand success. Hosted by the Tool & Gauge Manufacturers Association of India (TAGMA), the biennial event showcased various technological developments for the booming die and mould industry. It highlighted the opportunities and challenges and provided a platform for toolmakers to learn from the user industry

The inauguration ceremony

The inauguration ceremony The exhibition's inauguration ceremony was graced by esteemed guests-Guest of Honour Mr. Sachin Kulkarni, Executive Director - Corporate Procurement & Member of Board, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Jim Walsh, Vice President - Tooling, Tata Electronics, joined Mr. Devaraya M. Sheregar, President of TAGMA India, and Mr. D. Shanmugasundaram, Vice President of TAGMA India, alongside other dignitaries. The ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the esteemed guests marked the auspicious beginning of the exhibition. Extending a heartfelt welcome to everyone present at the opening ceremony, Mr. Sheregar said: "As we gather here today, it is important to reflect on the current state of the Indian tooling industry and the opportunities that lie ahead. Over the past two years, the Indian toolmaking sector has witnessed remarkable growth and achievements. According to the recently released Indian tooling report, the estimated market size of the Indian tooling industry stands at approximately INR 23,600 crore, underscoring the immense potential of our industry. However, there is still considerable room for improvement, particularly when considering that around 34% of the tooling demand is currently met through imports. It is imperative that we collectively target these areas for improvement and work towards reducing our dependence on imports." Mr. Sheregar also acknowledged the crucial role initiatives aimed at promoting indigenous manufacturing and fostering innovation will play in driving the growth and competitiveness of the industry. He called upon OEMs to collaborate with TAGMA in building a more robust and competitive tooling ecosystem in India.

Mr. Kulkarni highlighted India's remarkable economic growth, crediting the government's significant progress towards sustainable development. Emphasising the need for sustainable self-reliance, he underscored the Indian auto industry's substantial 7% contribution to the nation's GDP. Commending the resilience of the supply chain industry, Mr. Kulkarni celebrated its growth from 2.3 million before COVID to an impressive 4.1 million, with a projected rise to 6-6.5 million by 2030. He attributed this success to the expanding middle class and easy access to finance, propelling the Indian auto industry to become the third-largest globally. As a global OEM, Mr. Kulkarni emphasized the expectations from the tooling industry: quality and commitment. In closing, he expressed "the need for continued support from the tooling fraternity, acknowledging their pivotal role in sustaining and advancing India's automotive growth story". Mr. Walsh shed light on India's matured automotive sector and the burgeoning electronic sector, emphasising the need for a focused approach. He said: "India's Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry is growing rapidly and the companies are on the lookout for vendors. The geopolitical shifts are driving EMS to Southeast Asia and India. The world is looking towards India with hope; but companies moving their operations to India have four key expectations-speed, accuracy, innovation, and capacity. Unfortunately, Indian toolmakers are not prepared to cater to the kinds of demands they have. I urge Indian toolmakers to rise to the occasion and focus on skill development for their employees, enhance the capacity of their shop floor, focus on manufacturing accuracy and meet delivery timelines, among other aspects. India needs to seize the opportunity and bridge the existing gap."

ZECHA and Sumitomo announced technical collaboration

 ZECHA, a prestige precision cutting tool company, and Sumitomo, renowned as one of the top precision cutting tool organisations in the world, announced their technical collaboration for regrinding operations in Maharashtra, at DMI 2024. ZECHA and Sumitomo have been technically collaborating for a long time globally, and both companies were confident about the mutual integrity as well as technical level and direction even before the start of Sumitomo's operation in India in 2023. To maximise the performance that Sumitomo cutting tools can deliver, the high-quality regrinding- recoating capability is a must to eventually realise the cost per piece for customers, especially for precision round tools. Besides, quick delivery, which customers expect, is a key factor. The official start of the regrinding service will be April 1, 2024. The details shall be communicated through SHIN's respective authorised distributors in the region.

‘B2B PAVILLION’ advantage for toolmakers, Tier-1s, and OEMs

Recognising the pivotal role of communication in forging successful partnerships, TAGMA organised the 'B2B PAVILLION', a ground-breaking forum aimed at facilitating direct dialogue between toolmakers, OEMs, and tier-1 firms. The 'B2B PAVILLION'-the brainchild of TAGMA's management - successfully bridged the communication chasm by enabling face-to-face interactions between toolmakers, OEMs, and tier-1 firms. At DMI 2024, the 'B2B PAVILLION' facilitated over ten prominent OEMs and tier-1 companies who were actively seeking partnerships with over 30 toolmakers. The participating delegates included industry giants such as Ather Energy, ABB, Tata Electronics, TAFE, IAC Group, Siemens, and others, representing a diverse spectrum of manufacturing sectors. Mr. B. K. Das, Manager - Tooling (South Asia/ Europe), SMR Automotive Systems India Limited, said: "I participated in the 'B2B Pavillion' for the second time. The 'B2B Pavillion' is an excellent initiative undertaken by TAGMA India." Ultimately, the overarching goal of the 'B2B PAVILLION' is to catalyse the growth of the Indian manufacturing sector by fostering a conducive environment for toolmakers and companies to converge, collaborate, and drive innovation forward.

Mr. Shanmugasundaram subsequently delved into some of the trends shaping the industry. He said: "The tooling industry is diversifying beyond the automotive sector into emerging industries such as toy making, consumer durables, and aerospace, defence, and space. These sectors present lucrative opportunities for expansion and risk mitigation. The pandemic highlighted the importance of digital solutions, leading tooling companies to adopt advanced technologies for enhanced efficiency and productivity. Besides, with global customers demanding high precision and fast turnaround, the adoption of cutting-edge technologies is imperative for Indian companies to remain competitive. Also, to meet the evolving customer demands, continuous skill development is essential for tooling professionals to stay updated with the latest technologies and practices." He urged: "Together, let us navigate these trends, capitalise on opportunities, and collectively contribute to the growth and evolution of the tooling industry in India."
Korean Pavilion debuts at DMI 2024

For the first time, Die & Mould India featured a dedicated Korean Pavilion at its 13th edition, highlighting the technological prowess of 12 leading Korean companies. These esteemed Korean firms leveraged DMI as a platform to showcase their advanced capabilities, sought strategic partnerships, and explored growth opportunities in the Indian market. With a wealth of experience and technical expertise in tool and die- making, these companies were eager to engage with potential customers and business partners, with a particular focus on meeting Indian OEMs. The Korean Pavilion, a hub of innovation and collaboration, offered visitors a first-hand glimpse into the latest advancements in tooling solutions. Here, attendees interacted with industry experts, explored cutting-edge technologies, and forged mutually beneficial relationships with Korean manufacturers.

Products launches galore

The four-day event showcased various technological developments for the booming die and mould industry. Here’s a glimpse into a few such launches:

• TruMould 30-second Quote Generator:

The inaugural day of Die & Mould India (DMI) 2024 witnessed a ground-breaking moment. TAGMA President Mr. Devaraya M. Sheregar unveiled the TruMould Instant Quote Generator. It is the first time in the history of India that such a tool was made available in the public domain for free. Disrupting the quoting process, TruMould promises to revolutionise the tooling business with its innovative technology. TruMould simplifies the quoting process into two easy steps: Step 1: Upload the 3D Step file. Step 2: Select the material, quantity. and surface finish. Leveraging advanced algorithms and Generative Al, the platform instantly generates accurate quotations for various applications, including insert moulding, thin- wall injection moulding, and over moulding, TruMould's debut at DMI 2024 underscores the industry's commitment to embracing digital transformation and driving innovation. As the tooling landscape evolves, TruMould has bought an innovative solution for Proto Tooling as well.

• STM's VFX400 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centre:

TAGMA President Mr. Devaraya M. Sheregar unveiled STM's latest innovation, the STM VFX400 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center (VMC), at Die & Mould India 2024. STM is a leader in machining solutions. The VFX400 sets a new standard in precision manufacturing, offering ground-breaking capabilities designed to elevate machining benchmarks. Engineered for complexity, the STM VFX400 excels at intricate tasks on diverse surfaces, revolutionising modern machining benchmarks. Its multi-sided machining capability significantly reduces setup times, eliminating the need for multiple repositionings and streamlining production processes. Industries with the highest precision demands, including aerospace, medical, automotive, die & mould, and consumer electronics, find a perfect ally in the VFX400, which can craft high-strength components, intricate medical devices, fuel-efficient vehicle parts, and sleek consumer electronics with unmatched precision. The VFX400 aligns seamlessly with the manufacturers' pursuit of efficiency in the era of automation. Continuous technological advancements, including improved control systems and cutting-edge toolpath optimisation software, ensure accessibility and user- friendliness for operators. AMS DTC 400XL-20 for Graphite component machining: Ace Designers - Machining Center Division from Ace Micromatic Group - showcased the DTC 400XL-20, a machine tailored for graphite component machining, featuring a high- end Mitsubishi controller. This precise, compact, and cost-competitive machine is equipped with features ideal for high-precision graphite machining. With a spindle speed of 20,000 rpm, it boasts special telescopic covers, ball screws, LM guideways, and a spindle air curtain to guard against dust. Additionally, it includes a die and mould kit for seamless operation, twin arm ATC with magazine isolation door, and an air gun suitable for graphite machining. The DTC 400 XL-20 Graphite is a high-speed drill tap center equipped with high-precision special ball screws, LM guideways, and telescopic covers, enhancing user-friendliness and tailored for graphite applications.

Exhibitor Seminar During DMI 2024
February 15, 2024
15:00 to 15:45 "Future trends and challenges in die casting from a tool steel producer's view" - Ingolf Schruff, Kind&Co, Edelstahlwerk, GmbH & Co. KG, Wiehl, Germany.
February 16, 2024
12:15 to 13:00 "DynaFlow Hot runner systems" by Sunil Parol - Vasantha Tools Crafts Pvt Ltd
15:00 to 15:45 "Multi Cavity Hot Runners" by Mr. Davide Albertazzi, Thermoplay India Pvt. Ltd
DMI 2024 ended on a high note

The 13th edition of Die & Mould India had approximately 38,000 visitors from the automotive, aerospace, electronics, die & mould, machine tools, heavy engineering, plastics, packaging, consumer goods, toy making and medical, among other industries. This diverse participation provided valuable insights for toolmakers, helping them to understand the demand trends and expectations across various sectors. Of the 38,000, 48% comprised decision-makers. This edition of Die & Mould India also saw a 15% increment in floor space and exhibitor count. Delighted with the response, Mr. Sheregar said: "As the Die & Mould India exhibition concluded on a resounding note, we're thrilled to witness the overwhelming response from exhibitors and attendees alike. It's a testament to the potential of India's tooling industry. We're proud to have facilitated this platform for industry growth and collaboration."

12th edition of Die & Mould India a grand success
Organized by TAGMA, the latest edition of Die & Mould India International Exhibition was a huge success. From the latest technologies and innovation to new launches, visitors witnessed it all at the four-day mega event. A report...

The 12th edition of Die & Mould India International Exhibition organised by Tool & Gauge Manufacturers Association of India (TAGMA) concluded on April 30, 2022. The four-day mega event, which began on April 27, 2022, not only had the latest technologies and innovations on display, it also became the launch pad for some companies to introduce their new products.


The much-awaited exhibition was inaugurated on April 27, 2022, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai. It was inaugurated by

  • Chief Guest - Mr. Prabhakar Kadapa, Partner & Director at Mudita Strat-Aegis Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  • Guests of Honour - Mr. Vidyadhar Limaye, Senior Director at IAC Group;
  • Guest of Honour - Mr. Raghava Badhya T. V., President & Director, Makino India Pvt. Ltd.;
  • Mr. D. M. Sheregar, President, TAGMA India;
  • Mr. D. Shanmugasundaram, Vice President, TAGMA India
Tooling industry’s growth prospects

The inaugural lamp lighting by the dignitaries marked the beginning of the 2022 edition of the Die & Mould India International Exhibition, which had more than 300 exhibitors covering an area of 19,200 sq m and 10+ countries. Each exhibitor presented the latest developments in the tooling industry. With significant growth forecasted and the emergence of many sectors in India, the Indian tooling industry is expected to see double-digit growth in the coming years.

Talking about the industry trends, Mr. Sheregar said, “As we can see many opportunities evolving, it is time for us to channel our resources and enhance our capacity and capabilities. We must work on skill development, stimulate the government for industry-friendly policies, and adopt futuristic technologies.”As many reports suggest, this decade is all about India’s growth story, said Mr. Shanmugasundaram. “We must gear up for the same. However, capacity addition is still the biggest challenge, and toolmakers should come forward to solve this issue. If we can enhance our capacity, we will definitely be able to reduce the imports,” he opined.

Mr. Limaye also believes that toolmakers need to focus on maximising capacity utilization. “I am familiar with the tooling industry and have witnessed its growth journey. India’s toolmakers have made significant contributions to the global manufacturing sector. However, our automobile industry is still heavily reliant on foreign toolmakers because of our toolmakers’ limited capacity. If we find a way to bring toolmakers together to maximise capacity utilization, the Indian tooling industry will be able to meet the fast-paced demands of various sectors and will be able to tap the growing opportunities,” stated Mr. Limaye.

Potential For A Bright Future
Mr.Prabhakar Kadapa

At the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Kadapa, in his keynote address, said, “The tooling industry has come a long way in the last 40 years. The sector has seen a lot of advancements and is now catering to demands from some global customers. The tooling industry’s evolution over the next 5 to 10 years will be mindboggling. While Indian tooling companies lack the specialization that the global market demands, the scenario is slowly changing. Indian toolmakers are adopting the latest technologies, like their global counterparts. I feel that the Indian tooling industry has major export potential.”

Mr.Raghava Badhya T.V.

Mr. Badhya then went on to highlight the potential of the tooling industry and share future insights. “Coming together is the beginning. TAGMA deserves appreciation for taking initiatives to help the Indian tooling industry. I believe the next five years will be ripe with possibilities. Indian toolmakers will find lots of opportunities in electronics, medical equipment, aerospace and defence, among others industries. We need to make India known for its quality. But for this, we need to focus on the global market, building strategic partnerships, and manpower development. No other country has a more educated population, a larger geographical area, and smart minds with talented hands than India. I am confident that this decade will be the most rewarding for India’s manufacturing sector, which will positively reflect on the tooling industry,” said Mr. Badhya.


Mr. Sheregar and Mr. Shanmugasundaram then presented the Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour with a shawl and memento as a token of appreciation. Mr. Shanmugasundaram thanked the dignitaries, exhibitors, and other professionals, who attended the event.


Mr. Shanmugasundaram said, “We are all aware that we come from the industry that forms the backbone of the manufacturing sector. The tooling industry is often referred to as the mother industry because without toolmakers no product development can take place in any industry be it automotive, aerospace & defence,packaging, electronics, toy making, or railways, among others.”

“Toolmakers, if you carefully observe, every industry is brimming with a plethora of opportunities. Undoubtedly, the pandemic is still posing challenges. But the overall future looks promising. After the success of ‘Make in India’, we are optimistic that the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ campaign will help us grow further. Like I have already said, we have a lot of opportunities in front of us. All we need to do is introspect on our drawbacks and work on our areas for improvement,” advised Mr. Shanmugasundram.

Venue:International Lounge(above Hall 1)Bombay Exhibition Centre,Goregaon,Mumbai
Thermal Management of tooling inserts by using Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Technology and its advantage Günther Prunner- Regional Innovation Manager Voestalpine High Performance Metals International GmbH
Solutions for Forging Dies Sivamullainathan MMC Hardmetal India Pvt. Ltd. (MOLDINO)
The Power of Growth Mindset Atul Raje, Practice Head - Performance Enhancement Leap2Excel Consulting LLP
Industeel innovative solutions for Mould and Tool steels.... Less segregation, through hardness, better polishability, easier machinability, improve thermal conductivity, easy repairing.. Henry Pascal Industeel France
Profitable Solutions for Die & Mold Machining K Gowrishankar Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.
Innovative Solutions for Profitable Mold Making Abhay Deshmukh & Sankarshan Choukekar Shilpin Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.
Leveraging financial awareness for increasing Tool Room profitability Sanjay Athalye, Practice Head - Risk Management Leap2Excel Consulting LLP
Reduce Cycle Time with Conformal Cooling Channels Priyesh Mehta Imaginarium
Highlights of Die Mould India 2022
  • Over 38,000 visitors from industries like automotive, aerospace, die & mould, machine tools, heavy engineering, plastics, packaging, consumer goods, toy making, and medical, among others.
  • Of the 38,000 visitors, 52% comprised of decision makers
  • Exhibitor count increased by 26% from the last edition and a 15% increment in floor space
  • Over 10 OEMs participated in the ‘B2B PAVILION’
  • Interesting technology sessions on the sidelines of the exhibition
B2B Pavilion

At the 12th edition of Die & Mould India, TAGMA introduced ‘B2B PAVILION’. Here, 10 companies from the user industry met around 25-30 exhibiting toolmakers collectively and shared their expectations with toolmakers. The absolute objective of the ‘B2B PAVILION’ was to help the Indian manufacturing industry grow at the much-needed rate by offering a platform for toolmakers and companies to meet and network..

According to TAGMA, ‘B2B PAVILION’ proved to be an enabler. It facilitated face-to-face communication between qualified toolmakers, OEMs, and Tier-1 firms. The ten OEMs and Tier-1 companies were looking for at least 30 toolmakers to do business with. With approximately 60 toolmakers at the display, TAGMA’s ‘B2B PAVILION’ was undoubtedly a success.

Appreciating TAGMA’s role, Mr. Shatyabrata Das, Sr. General Manager, IAC Group, said, “The ‘B2B PAVILION’ is an excellent initiative by TAGMA. I had engaging interactions with toolmakers. It was very informative.”

Mr. Dominic Savio, GM - Central Process, Legrand, said, “The ‘B2B PAVILION’ is an excellent tool to meet and select business partners for plastic industrialisation. It was fruitful.”

The procedure to meet OEMs and toolmakers was taken care of with ease. All the toolmakers were introduced to the OEMs and corporations, each with their own company profile. This gave the companies a better understanding of the competence and technology that every enlisted toolmaker possesses.

Photo Gallery
Die and Mould India International Exhibition successfully held in Mumbai
The latest edition of Die & Mould India International Exhibition was a huge success. From latest technologies and innovation to new launches, visitors witnessed it all at the four-day mega event. A report…

The 11th Biennial Die & Mould India International Exhibition was inaugurated on April 11, 2018 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. The four-day event organised by TAGMA India serves as a unique platform to showcase the latest products and solutions for the booming die & mould market.

The mega event was inaugurated by :-
  • Chief Guest - Jamshyd N Godrej, Chairman of the Board of Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited, in the presence of
  • Guests of Honour - Raj K Purohit, Cabinet Minister, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly
  • Wu Bingshu, Chairman, FADMA and
  • N Reguraj, Founder President, TAGMA India.

Inaugural lamp lighting by the dignitaries marked the beginning of the much awaited die & mould show. It was followed by an inaugural speech by D K Sharma, President, TAGMA India.

“Lead by visionaries, we have come a long way from a small beginning in 1990. Today, TAGMA has 650 members,” Sharma said. “Die & Mould India International Exhibition is a platform for the die & mould companies to showcase the latest in technology and share ideas.”

He also stressed on the fact that the mindset is changing and the industry is adapting to new technologies, but there is room for development.

Good Wishes for DMI

Suresh P Prabhu, Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation of India, also addressed the gathering through a video message during the inauguration ceremony. “We are happy to see such an event related to die & mould being organised in Mumbai. TAGMA is doing a great job by encouraging the industry. Design is very important for manufacturing; it is a critical area and requires expertise. The industry has our support and we hope the new standards will help the industry and further provide a boost to the economy.”

“I have always propagated the idea of exhibitions. Exhibitions like DMI help people understand the kind of development that has happened in a particular industry,” said Godrej during the inauguration ceremony.

Jamshyd N Godrej
Chairman of the Board of Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited

Die & mould industry has enormous opportunity to grow. With an increase in the number of domestic die & mould manufacturers, export is one such opportunity.

Wu Bingshu
Chairman, FADMA

The Asian manufacturing industry has grown exponentially over the years especially automotive and electronics. This has resulted in an increase in the consumption of die & mould. The industry should come together to collaborate and this exhibition makes for a great platform.

Raj K Purohit
Cabinet Minister, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly

Die & mould, also known as the mother industry serves as the backbone of manufacturing. The same way TAGMA has the power to mould the future of the Indian die & mould industry. Exhibition of this stature will help the industry grow.

N. Reguraj
Founder President, TAGMA India

‘Make in India’ has provided a boost to the domestic players. Looking at the growth and new opportunities in die & mould industry, I am sure this edition of Die & Mould India International Exhibition will capture the attention of the die & mould industry across Asia.


Die & Mould India International Exhibition that was first organised in 1998 has come a long way. Today it is known to be one of the most important events for businesses related to the Tooling Industry. The unique industry event showcases the developments, innovations and the latest technologies and solutions among others.

The exhibit range this year included additive manufacturing, CAD/CAM system related to dies and moulds, CNC Milling Machining Centre, coating, cutting tools, digitizing, dies & moulds, press tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges, heat treatment, hot runner system, machine tools and accessories for dies and moulds, measuring machines, quality assurance, mould base and standard parts of dies & moulds, toolings, moulding machines/ die casting machines, sheet metal presses and ancillaries, precision machining, rapid prototyping and tooling, surface treatment, texturizing, tool steel, all ancillary materials equipments accessories consumables, services and automation covering die and mould industry.

This edition of the exhibition saw more than 300 exhibitors from 19 countries presenting a large variety of products and services for die & mould and other related industries. With a 15% increase in exhibitors than the previous edition and 45% increase in this venue, DMI 2018 turned out to be another success.

Highlight of Die Mould India 2018
  • Total 31,256 visitors from industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Die Mould, Machine Tools, Heavy Engineering, Plastics, packaging, Consumer Goods, among others
  • About 48% decision makers visited the show
  • Exhibitor count increased by 20% from last edition and 30% increment is floor space
  • 5847 foreign visitors from 16 different countries
  • Delegation from PSUs and large OEMs
FADMA Delegation At DMI 2018

A special delegation from FADMA (Federation of Asian Die and Mould Associations) also visited the exhibition. FADMA, a regional grouping of die & mould manufacturers and precision engineering associations was founded with an aim to facilitate the growth on die & mould industry across nations.

At present, FADMA has 11 member associations from China, Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

TAGMA CET Partner Meet

TAGMA also organised ‘TAGMA CET Partner Meet’ on the sidelines of DMI 2018. Around 40 like-minded industry experts came together to discuss the growth path and further strengthen the Indian tooling industry with the help of TAGMA CET.

TAGMA has been successfully organising trade shows, events, seminars and other activities keeping in mind the interests of the tooling industry.

“We aim to make a difference and act as a growth catalyst for the industry. Keeping this in mind we came up with TAGMA CET. It is an effort to provide the best in class service to the industry,” said Sharma, President, TAGMA India.

‘TAGMA Centre of Excellence & Training (TAGMA CET)’ is an effort to support the growth of the industry. TAGMA set up TCET, also known as Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) at Chakan in Pune with active support from the Government of India and the Indian tooling industry. The pilot project will provide state-of-the-art technical inputs to the tool room industry in Pune. The Centre will also act as a Common Facility Centre for providing innovative solutions in the tooling sector to the industry ecosystem in and around the area.


This centre will cater to the needs of MSME tool rooms in and around Pune for the supply of sheet metal dies, plastic moulds, die casting dies, jigs and fixtures as well as manufacturers of automotive components, electrical equipment, home appliances, consumer electronics, communication equipment and office equipment. These tool rooms will be able to use hitech manufacturing and try out facilities for the tools to be manufactured by them.

It is funded by the Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) and TAGMA under the scheme of ‘Enhancement of Competitiveness in the Indian Capital Goods Sector’. After the pilot project, TAGMA aims to extend the facilities to provide such training at various cities across India. The ground breaking ceremony of the project was done by Honourable Shri. Anant Geete, Union Minister for Heavy Industries on April 22, 2016.

Glimpse Of Die Mould India 2018
10th Die & Mould International Exhibition
April 6th-9th, 2016 : Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bangalore
Photos of Die and Mould 2016
9th Die & Mould International Exhibition
From 17th To 20th April at BEC Goregaon East, Mumbai.
8th Biennial - Die & Mould India International Exhibition
At Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon Mumbai From April 19-22, 2012

An exhibition with global awareness & reputation as the largest trade fair in India for the Die & Mould industry

Exhibition was sponsored by "MAPLELEAFONLINECASINO.COM CANADA"

Photos of Die and Mould 2012
Die & Mould South International Exhibition
At Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai From April 7-10, 2011
Photos of Die and Mould 2011
7th Biennial - Die & Mould India International Exhibition
At Bombay Exhibiton Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai From March 18-21, 2010
Photos of Die and Mould 2010
6th Die & Mould India International Exhibition
At Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka From February 15-18, 2008
Photos of Die and Mould 2010
5th Biennial - Die & Mould India International Exhibition
At Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai From March 3-6, 2006
Inauguration Of DMI 2006
Address Of Welcome Of Mr. S.C. Kalyanpur Chennai.

Distinguished Chief Guest Mr. Viji Santhanam, Colleagues on the Executive Council, Exhibitors from home and abroad, TAGMA Members, esteemed Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I welcome you all with the utmost warmth and cordiality to this the 5th DIEMOULD INDIA INTERNATIONAL event which, to us, is the high season of technology & enterprise.

It is my privilege to specially meet, greet and welcome our Chief Guest Mr. Viji Santhanam whose name is almost synonymous with the growth of the TVS group into a global enterprise. As the Managing Director of Brakes India Ltd. he is known for his vision, enormous vitality, versatile activity and achievements.

This dynamic leadership and guidance has fused the various enterprises in the group into a commonwealth of technologies, education, finance, philanthropy, Trusts, Medicare and myriad other activities. In fact, their number is legion. United in mutual out-look and enterprise, they remain embodied in Mr. Viji Santhanam.

Ladies & gentlemen, welcoming such a one as Mr. Viji Santhanam is a unique privilege for me and on behalf of TAGMA and all who are here, I once again welcome him.

Also, I welcome you all with the same glow to this the 5th DIEMOULD INDIA INTERNATIONAL event.Ladies & Gentlemen, TAGMA was founded in 1990. The founders drew up a programme of work almost like the five year plan of the Nehruvian era.The first lustrum was for construction. The second for consolidation. And the third for conquest.

Now, at the end of the third lustrum, it is not without unjustified pride that I look ahead to march with time and people brought together by the great process of globalization which has also brought Mr. Viji Santhanam to us.

New discoveries and technologies are cascading and the time comes to take them by the forelock. It is here that I emphasize the collateral role of some of the government agencies which have to shed their mindset. For years, it had clogged the wheels of development and I trust that the Government will give it a new deal.

With the advent of our fourth lustrum we look to the forward integration that has to take place. Consumerism is peaking. We are talking in terms of volumes and explosive developments. The Tool Room industry is imbued with quality technology, quality time, quality power and quality production. Newer raw materials and alloys have catalyzed the metallurgical sector and the depth and area of their applications is widespread.

Since nothing happens by magic, the Tool Room industry has to get its act together and work to wards making India the future tooling destination. In the process, it must have sustainable advantage, inspire confidence in customers and prove its track record. The vision and mission of TAGMA have been clearly spelt out at many meetings across the country. It is also in the many publications distributed to the industry. They emphasise that no greater mission exists for TAGMA than to enhance the tool room industry in the shinning century before us.

  • The industry has the motivation.
  • It has the efficiency.
  • It has the technology.
  • It has the talent.
  • It has the capacity.

Thus, Industry growth and the factors of support have to go hand in hand. The fulfillment of yesterday comes today with the anticipation of a globally recognized tomorrow. It beckons us onward. I request you all to move on with TAGMA. It is an institution through which you will grow.

The industry is yet to formulate a central pattern for growth, list its requirements and, in short, prepare a charter of what needs to be done to achieve TAGMA's Vision 2010. I speak from my heart of great hopes and greater expectations and to usher the industry into this aura of global activity.

Ladies and gentlemen, TAGMA hopes to establish link by link the chain activity to cover the industry in the country.

I thank you all for your participation in today's event in such significant numbers.

Once again I welcome our Chief Guest and all of you.

Excerpts From Keynote Address Of Mr. Viji Santhanam - Md - Brakes India Ltd. Chennai
  • Aims to promote Growth of Tooling lndustry in India
  • Forum and catalyst for Technology Advancement in Tooling.
  • Market Size - > US$ 6billion Growth > 20% Annually (10-20%)
Tooling Covered

Die Casting & Forging Dies Moulds for Plastics and Press Tools; Guages; Jigs and Fixtures; SPM5 Tool Design; Prototyping; Tool Elements.

More than several 1000 Tool rooms, both Captive and commercial

Customers Span Whole Breath Of Engineering Industry
  • Automotive
  • Component
  • Appliances
  • Electrical Industry
  • Packaging
  • Teletronics
  • Consumer goods
  • Medical devices
Opportunity for Tremendous Growth
  • Indian Economy GDP 7 - 8% last 3 years.
  • Finance Minister targeting 12% in Manufacturing Customer Segments of tooling industry.
  • Inflation 4 - 5% last 3years inspite of Oil hike and commodity boom.
  • FII ($10 billion) & FDI ($37 billion) inflow Sensex 10000.
  • Boom in consumer finance and lower interest cost will help domestic demand to grow.
  • Industry segments which we wants customers of Tooling Industry - Growth > 20%.
  • Lesser Product Life Cycle, More Rapid new products, New Manufacturing Processes Localization - Greater impetus for growth of Tooling Industry. Growth will be a multiple of Engineering Industry growth.
  • Scope for growth in Exports - Outsourcing opportunity surging exports demand in your customer Industry Segmore - will manifest as domestic demand for you. Auto -Vehicles components, (Mckensy study on Auto components - Vision-2015).
  • As per TAGMA - nearly 35% of Tooling Imported my guess may be even higher.
  • lmport Tariffs coming down l5 to 12.5% yesterday. Will go down even more, 100% FDI allowed. Customers.
  • Will become more demanding on price, Delivery and Quality.
  • Delivery Time - fast response 3 weeks to 35 days can be a major competition edge.
  • To supply fully tried-out and proven tooling - enhance capability.
  • More through understanding of customer's requirements. On line connectivity, 20 to 30 design capability. Simulation software packages. Essential for speed and quality.
  • Cluster approach and share of resources - Taiwan example. More optimum utilization of Resources & Investments. TAGMA can playa vital role in this will help on Delivery, Quality and Cost.
  • Cost - many cases Taiwan, Still chepaer. Top grade Tool Rooms full-up and higher cost. Customer pressure and lower customers duty will hold to cost pressure.
  • Need for good die steels in India - Kalyani Carpenter. But still not enough. Lot still imported. Scope for TAGMA for play a role - Estimate needs.
  • Challenge of Technology - Better raw materials, High speed machining, Parametric Design, Standardised Tool elements (Close interaction with customers) 3D modelling and Simulations software, Rapid Prototyping.
Challenge of Skilled people
  • Tendency for people to migrate to high paying job and overseas will continue - challenge of retention.
  • Invaluable role of Institutes like NTTF, GTTC, CITD, CIPET, lndo-Danish & Indo German Tool Rooms.
  • Greater emphasis on Training - institutionalized set up to reduce vulnerability.
  • Hallenge of growth - To grab the opportunity - risk taking, investment cluster approach relevance. Growth potential many time higher than GDP on manufacturing.
  • Conclusion: India Inherent advantage In Tooling very high manpower content - arbitage on highly skilled and managerial manpower (Man power cost > 30-40% on price).
Press Coverage
Press Coverage Of Inauguration: Growth Opportunity Ahead For Tooling Industry. (Shortening Product-Cycles Call For New Designs)

The rapid growth of Industries like automobiles and auto components, domestic appliances, consumer electronics and consumer durables in the wake of rising economic growth and consumer tendency to wards spending would ensure expanding need for dies, tools and gauges. Setting up of production capacity in user industries in India by foreign companies looking for low costs and a large market would add to the demand base for tooling, he said. Also, the ever shortening lifecycle of products resulting from intense competition in user industries and consumer preference for new products would warrant the development of new tooling and designs, Mr. Santhanam said on Friday.The Indian tooling industry can look forward to years of fast growth and booming demand and at the same time intensified domestic and import competition, according to Viji Santhanam, Managing Director of Brakes India Ltd.

Inauguration DieMould India 2006, the four-day fifth Die and Mould International Exhibition, organised by the Tool and Gauge Manufacturers' Association (TAGMA) at the Chennai Trade Centre, Mr. Santhanam, said the tooling industry would, however, be forced to cut costs as a result of pressures on margins faced by their buyer-industries and competition in Ihe tooling sector both from within the country and imports.

The industry should benchmark its Taiwanese counterpart to develop capabilities for fast delivery and emphasise skill development among the workforce. Otherwise, user industries would be inclined to set up captive tool rooms, he warned.

Skills Base: Mr. Santhanam paid tributes to the role played by institutions and tool rooms the public and private sectors in developing the skill base of the industry. These include the Nettur Technical Training Foundation, Government Tool Room and Training Centre, Indo-Danish Tool Rooms, Indo-German Tool Rooms, CIPET (Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology) and Central Institute of Tool Design.

S.C.Kalyanpur, President of TAGMA, Presided over the inaugural session.

Photos of Die and Mould 2006
4th Biennial - Die & Mould India International Exhibition
At Bombay Exhibiton Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai From February 28 - March 2, 2004
Photos of Die and Mould 2004
3rd Biennial - Die & Mould India International Exhibition
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Photos of Die and Mould 2002
2nd Biennial - Die & Mould India International Exhibition
At Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai From January 26-28, 2000
Photos of Die and Mould 2000
1st Biennial - Die & Mould India International Exhibition
At Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai From March 11-14, 1998
Photos of Die and Mould 1998
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