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The library is designed to serve the needs of the manufacturing community in general and Tooling Industry in particular. The library offers the following facilities.

Reading & Reference Section

More than 2500 books classified on the following topics are housed in the reading section

  • Basic Engineering
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Mold Technology
  • Press Tool Technology
  • Product Design
  • Quality Engineering

In addition, 21 Volumes of Handbooks from American Society for Materials and 9 volumes of Handbooks from Society of manufacturing Engineers USA are available in the Reference Section.

Digital Information Section

More than 150 Video CDs relevant to design and manufacturing are available.

Internet Section

Ten Internet stations are provided for accessing the World Wide Web.

Journals And Magazines Section

The library subscribes to several leading journals & magazines from India & Abroad pertaining to design and manufacturing.

Website Of NTTF - Tagma Library

There are hundreds of titles of presentations prepared by the PG students in all areas of interest in Tooling & Gauging, and you can freely download for your own use. These are available under the title Presentations on this Webpage itself. You are entitled to all information hosted by the website as TAGMA member.

Computer Based Training Section (CBT)

Keeping in view the current trends in dissemination of knowledge, the library has the most updated computer based training facility. There are ten Sun workstations connected in a LAN to conduct computer based Training on different topics related to tool and gauge manufacturing.

CBT Modules available at NTTF - TAGMA Library are

  • Paulson’s Training Program in Injection Molding from USA

    This Computer Based Training (CBT) program, enables an engineer or a supervisor to get trained in an interactive and effective manner. The effectiveness this CBT training can be gauged from the feed back comment of one of the participants, who said,

    "What you can learn in four years from the shop floor of an injection molding shop, you can learn in four days by going through the Paulson’s CBT training on Injection Molding".

    A four day self training program at the library is sufficient to understand all problems associated with injection molding process and how they need to be addressed. At present up to 10 persons can be trained simultaneously.

  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

    Design Engineers can be trained in Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing at this library. The computer based training software for this subject is developed by the PG school of NTTF.

    Design for Assembly, Manufacturability, Service and Environment from USA

  • Design for Assembly, Manufacturability, Service and Environment from USA

    10 seats of this software from Boothroyd and Dewhurst, USA are available to train engineers to improve the design efficiency of assembly and to make the parts easily manufacturable. Further they can take care of the service requirements and disposal at the end of the useful life of products.

    The training charges for using the CBT Lab are as follows:

    Duration fees & Other details

    The training duration & charges for using the CBT Lab are as follows

    Non Residential ProgrammeDurationCourse Fees (per participant)
    For MemberFor Non Members
    Paulsons Training Programme 4 Days Rs. 8,000/- Rs. 10,000/-
    Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing 3 Days Rs. 6,000/- Rs. 7,500/-
    Design for Assembly, Manufacturability, Services & Environment 2 Days Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 5,000/-
    Timings 09-00a.m. to 05-00p.m.
    Participation Maximum number of participants for CBT program is limited to 10 at any given time
    Accomodation For help in accomodation near TAGMA Library, please write to The Librarian at
  • The library can be visited by Subscribers during all working days of the week.