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Year 2022

12th edition of Die & Mould India a grand success

Organized by TAGMA, the latest edition of Die & Mould India International Exhibition was a huge success. From the latest technologies and innovation to new launches, visitors witnessed it all at the four-day mega event. A report...

The 12th edition of Die & Mould India International Exhibition organised by Tool & Gauge Manufacturers Association of India (TAGMA) concluded on April 30, 2022. The four-day mega event, which began on April 27, 2022, not only had the latest technologies and innovations on display, it also became the launch pad for some companies to introduce their new products.

The much-awaited exhibition was inaugurated on April 27, 2022, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai. It was inaugurated by

  • Chief Guest - Mr. Prabhakar Kadapa, Partner & Director at Mudita Strat-Aegis Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  • Guests of Honour - Mr. Vidyadhar Limaye, Senior Director at IAC Group;
  • Guest of Honour - Mr. Raghava Badhya T. V., President & Director, Makino India Pvt. Ltd.;
  • Mr. D. M. Sheregar, President, TAGMA India;
  • Mr. D. Shanmugasundaram, Vice President, TAGMA India

Tooling industry’s growth prospects

The inaugural lamp lighting by the dignitaries marked the beginning of the 2022 edition of the Die & Mould India International Exhibition, which had more than 300 exhibitors covering an area of 19,200 sq m and 10+ countries. Each exhibitor presented the latest developments in the tooling industry. With significant growth forecasted and the emergence of many sectors in India, the Indian tooling industry is expected to see double-digit growth in the coming years

Talking about the industry trends, Mr. Sheregar said, “As we can see many opportunities evolving, it is time for us to channel our resources and enhance our capacity and capabilities. We must work on skill development, stimulate the government for industry-friendly policies, and adopt futuristic technologies.”
As many reports suggest, this decade is all about India’s growth story, said Mr. Shanmugasundaram. “We must gear up for the same. However, capacity addition is still the biggest challenge, and toolmakers should come forward to solve this issue. If we can enhance our capacity, we will definitely be able to reduce the imports,” he opined.

Mr. Limaye also believes that toolmakers need to focus on maximising capacity utilization. “I am familiar with the tooling industry and have witnessed its growth journey. India’s toolmakers have made significant contributions to the global manufacturing sector. However, our automobile industry is still heavily reliant on foreign toolmakers because of our toolmakers’ limited capacity. If we find a way to bring toolmakers together to maximise capacity utilization, the Indian tooling industry will be able to meet the fast-paced demands of various sectors and will be able to tap the growing opportunities,” stated Mr. Limaye.


Potential for a bright future

At the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Kadapa, in his keynote address, said, “The tooling industry has come a long way in the last 40 years. The sector has seen a lot of advancements and is now catering to demands from some global customers. The tooling industry’s evolution over the next 5 to 10 years will be mindboggling. While Indian tooling companies lack the specialization that the global market demands, the scenario is slowly changing. Indian toolmakers are adopting the latest technologies, like their global counterparts. I feel that the Indian tooling industry has major export potential.”

Mr. Badhya then went on to highlight the potential of the tooling industry and share future insights. “Coming together is the beginning. TAGMA deserves appreciation for taking initiatives to help the Indian tooling industry. I believe the next five years will be ripe with possibilities. Indian toolmakers will find lots of opportunities in electronics, medical equipment, aerospace and defence, among others industries. We need to make India known for its quality. But for this, we need to focus on the global market, building strategic partnerships, and manpower development. No other country has a more educated population, a larger geographical area, and smart minds with talented hands than India. I am confident that this decade will be the most rewarding for India’s manufacturing sector, which will positively reflect on the tooling industry,” said Mr. Badhya.

Mr. Sheregar and Mr. Shanmugasundaram then presented the Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour with a shawl and memento as a token of appreciation. Mr. Shanmugasundaram thanked the dignitaries, exhibitors, and other professionals, who attended the event.

Mr. Shanmugasundaram said, “We are all aware that we come from the industry that forms the backbone of the manufacturing sector. The tooling industry is often referred to as the mother industry because without toolmakers no product development can take place in any industry be it automotive, aerospace & defence,packaging, electronics, toy making, or railways, among others.”

“Toolmakers, if you carefully observe, every industry is brimming with a plethora of opportunities. Undoubtedly, the pandemic is still posing challenges. But the overall future looks promising. After the success of ‘Make in India’, we are optimistic that the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ campaign will help us grow further. Like I have already said, we have a lot of opportunities in front of us. All we need to do is introspect on our drawbacks and work on our areas for improvement,” advised Mr. Shanmugasundram



Highlights of Die Mould India 2022

  • Over 38,000 visitors from industries like automotive, aerospace, die & mould, machine tools, heavy engineering, plastics, packaging, consumer goods, toy making, and medical, among others
  • Of the 38,000 visitors, 52% comprised of decision makers
  • Exhibitor count increased by 26% from the last edition and a 15% increment in floor space
  • Over 10 OEMs participated in the ‘B2B PAVILION’
  • Interesting technology sessions on the sidelines of the exhibition


At the 12th edition of Die & Mould India, TAGMA introduced ‘B2B PAVILION’. Here, 10 companies from the user industry met around 25-30 exhibiting toolmakers collectively and shared their expectations with toolmakers. The absolute objective of the ‘B2B PAVILION’ was to help the Indian manufacturing industry grow at the much-needed rate by offering a platform for toolmakers and companies to meet and network..

According to TAGMA, ‘B2B PAVILION’ proved to be an enabler. It facilitated face-to-face communication between qualified toolmakers, OEMs, and Tier-1 firms. The ten OEMs and Tier-1 companies were looking for at least 30 toolmakers to do business with. With approximately 60 toolmakers at the display, TAGMA’s ‘B2B PAVILION’ was undoubtedly a success.

Appreciating TAGMA’s role, Mr. Shatyabrata Das, Sr. General Manager, IAC Group, said, “The ‘B2B PAVILION’ is an excellent initiative by TAGMA. I had engaging interactions with toolmakers. It was very informative.”

Mr. Dominic Savio, GM - Central Process, Legrand, said, “The ‘B2B PAVILION’ is an excellent tool to meet and select business partners for plastic industrialisation. It was fruitful.”

The procedure to meet OEMs and toolmakers was taken care of with ease. All the toolmakers were introduced to the OEMs and corporations, each with their own company profile. This gave the companies a better understanding of the competence and technology that every enlisted toolmaker possesses

Glimpse Of Die Mould India 2022