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Paulson's Training

Paulson's is a Computer Based Training Programme (CBT) which covers complete gamut of Plastics i.e., Materials, Mould Design, Processing, Problems and Trouble Shooting.

The programme transforms what once was considered an esoteric art of handling complex engineering plastics into a simple one to understand topic.

It gives in depth understanding in a very short time of a few days as compared to months and years it takes in the normal course.

This programme is recommended for

  • Marketing professionals of Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers to influence potential buyers and win contracts
  • Application experts of Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers
  • Faculty members of training institutes
  • Plastic part designers
  • Plastic processing professionals

(Choice of selecting only those modules relevant to one's function possible)

In fact for anyone connected with plastics in anyway

It has potential to offer quality at low cost by virtue of its capabilities of optmising part designs, optimising processing parameters and stabilizing moulded part dimensions.

A useful tool to move towards six sigma.

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Paulson's Training Program Contents

Module Name

  • Practical Injection Molding - Basic
  • Practical Injection Molding - Machine & Process Optimizing
  • Practical Injection Molding - Expert Series
  • Skill Builder - for Machine Optimizing
  • Skill Builder - for Problems & Solutions
  • Injection Molding Part - Problems & Solutions