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Note from President

International Tooling Summit 2016

Note from President – TAGMA INDIA

We are a class of manufacturers of Custom Built Tools/Dies for mass production, the Mother Industry of Manufacturing.

Indian Tool, Dies & Mould industry is a B2B business linked to prosperity of the sectors served. Auto Sector being the predominant sector today has a major impact on its growth. The Tooling Industry over the years grew in double digits until 2012 and is now steadily recovering with a single digit at 7% (2014-15).

The Govt. of India since 2012 under its ambitious manufacturing growth policy has initiated a few schemes, our industry happens to be the first recipient of “The scheme Enhancement of Global Competitiveness of Indian Capital Goods Sector’ under DHI -an important milestone and recognition for our association TAGMA- India in its 25th year of formation since 1990.

Tools, Dies and Moulds industry is highly capital intensive being highly sophisticated technology oriented, and hence impacted by issues related to the dynamics of continuously changing technology effecting productivity.

Indian Tooling Industry can meet the ‘Growth Challenges’ coming from present Manufacturing policy if GOI recognize it as a ‘PRIORITY SECTOR’.