By the Members, of the Members & for the Members

President Message

Since the start of this decade, leaders around the world are saying that this decade belongs to India. There is a sense of positivity among global businesses and companies are looking towards India with a lot of hope and optimism.

This is a good sign for the Indian manufacturing ecosystem. We are seeing impressive growth in FDIs, large conglomerates expanding, and product development activities increasing in India. This is great news for Indian toolmakers, as we have huge business opportunities in front of us.

The localisation trend is currently at its peak and OEMs from various industries, including automotive, are looking at Indian suppliers to fulfill their demands. I would like to congratulate my fellow toolmakers for the great work that they have done in reducing imports and providing world-class tools to customers. However, we need to work harder and work together to ensure 100% import substitution.

I would like to request my fellow toolmakers and TAGMA members come forward and participate more in TAGMA activities. We all have to work together to make India the most preferred tooling hub.

(Excerpt taken from Mr. D. M. Sheregar’s speech at the International Tooling Summit 2022)

Devaraya M Sheregar