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Archived Webinar

June 2022

28.06.2022 Learn about all the latest features that Creo 9 has to offer' DesignTech Systems


October 2021

6.10.2021 'How to progress in Tool Design & Manufacturing using Hexagon Solution?' Hexagon


July 2021

16.07.2021 '“DIFFUSION BONDING AND PULS-PLASMA NITRIDING PROCESS OF PVA TEPLA” PVA Industrial Vacuum systems GmbH & Nathan & Nathan Global Inc.


April 2021

29.04.2021 'Tooling Experiences from 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA-From Design to Production ' Dassault Systèmes and TATA Technologies
08.04.2021 'Getting Defect free Plastic Components with early simulation using 3DTimon' Design Tech


March 2021

23.03.2021 Launch of 'Book My Tool' App' Book My Tool
17.03.2021 'How to Streamline your design environment with PTC Creo CAD, Windchill PDM & Simulation' Design Tech
12.03.2021 'Challenge the Constraints of Traditional Manufacturing using 3D Printed Tools' Design Tech


February 2021

12.02.2021 'Optimise your Injection Molding using Simcon German Technology’ CADBRO-ZW INDIA
02.02.2021 'Join the Next Manufacturing Revolution with Truventor’


January 2021

19.01.2021 ‘Increasing Productivity with Siemens NX Integrated Tooling Solution’ Sapience TechSystems


December 2020

22.12.2020 'Improve your ROI up to 40% over imported printers and get the most out of conformal cooling using India’s First Metal 3D Printer iFusion Series' Intech Additive Solutions


July 2020

28.07.2020 'What can be the Fastest way to Develop Industrial Molds from Start to End?' Prolim Solutions
23.07.2020 Additive Advanced Webinars -
'Pre & Post AM: Enabling design, quality, and traceability'
18.07.2020 'Toolox, Modern engineering steel for Machine component suppliers and Machine builders' Swedish
16.07.2020 'Additive Advanced Webinars' Objectify
15.07.2020 'Die and Mould - Make it Smarter' Hexagon


June 2020

18.06.2020 "Increasing efficiency in Die & Mould through Autodesk PowerMill software and Haas machines" HAAS-Autodesk


May 2020

30.05.2020 "Toolox, Modern engineering steel for Machine component suppliers and Machine builders." Swedish ME Steel
29.05.2020 "Adoption of AM in Power Sector" Objectify
28.05.2020 "Free session on Safety at Work Place" SIEMENS-CGSC-TAGMA
26.05.2020 "Topology Optimization: Engineer Efficiency" Objectify
23.05.2020 "Additive Advanced Webinars: Session 1 - Conformal Cooling: Mould Faster” Objectify
22.05.2020 "NPD - Plastic Industry Products” Sitech PM
21.05.2020 "Modern Prehardened Hot & Cold working steel for Injection moulding applications.” Swedish SME Steel
20.05.2020 "Tool Design” Sitech PM
14.05.2020 "Session on Time & cost reduction with accurate prediction of defects in plastic parts using 3DTIMON.” DesignTech
14.05.2020 "Magic in Milling - The Drill that Mills” Stitch Overseas
13.05.2020 "NX Mould Wizard - Advanced automation, process simulation and integrated technology to improve productivity and ensure first-time quality in tooling development” Sitech PLM
13.05.2020 "Understanding the mystery of Die Life and how to increase” TechSense
11.05.2020 "Live Webinar on “Hollow BT Holders – HSK in BT” Stitch Overseas
08.05.2020 "MST presents Webinar on DIE & MOLD" MST-Valiant
04.05.2020 "Tool Steel Solution in Advance Cold Work Application" Bohler


April 2020

30.04.2020 Innovate & Accelerate your Tool Design and Manufacturing Pharos Innovations
29.04.2020 Current Industry Trends in High Speed Steel Bohler
29.04.2020 Webinar on usage of Prehardened steel in cold forming applications Swedish ME Steel
28.04.2020 CAD CAM Galaxy - Deliver top quality injection molds 40% faster End-to-end digitalization for mold development CAD CAM Galaxy
27.04.2020 Understanding the root causes of Casting Defects and its solutions - Part 4 TechSense
23.04.2020 Understanding the root causes of Casting Defects and its solutions - Part 3 " TechSense
23.04.2020 NX CAM Unique Advantages to Reduce Machining Time Which Is Expected By Your Customers" Prolim Solutions
23.04.2020 "Live Webinar for High Pressure Die-casting on Importance of Quality Heat Treatment" Uddeholm
22.04.2020 "Live Webinar: For Plastic Injection Moulding on Additive Manufacturing Solutions" voestalpine
21.04.2020 "Mastercam Webinar - Efficient Manufacturing for Toolmakers, in association with TAGMA India" Mastercam
21.04.2020 Slow RFQ Response Rate & Inaccurate Tool Cost Estimation? How Integrated RFQ/Cost Management Can Help Tool & Die Manufacturers? " Prolim Solutions
16.04.2020 "Reduce the Time and Cost Required for Mold Design By an Automated Step by Step Design Process." Prolim Solutions
15.04.2020 "Understanding the root causes of Casting Defects and its solutions - Part 1" TechSense
15.04.2020 "Toolox - Prehardened Tool Steel for reducing manufacturing time of tools" Swedish ME Steel Pvt Ltd
15.04.2020 "Uddeholm Webinar for die casting Industry on High performance core pin & Sub insert and Additive Manufacturing" Uddeholm
14.04.2020 "Does Your Organization face Delayed Delivery of Tools or Costly Reworks of die/moulds? How to Improve Profitability?" Prolim Solutions
11.04.2020 "Rising to a Challenge - Business in the midst of a pandemic" Autocar Professional
10.04.2020 Webinar 3: Innovators @ Home | Session 3 Objectify
10.04.2020 FICCI-SIEMENS Webinar FICCI
09.04.2020 How Safe are Industrial Workplaces in India?
08.04.2020 "Automotive industry: Impact of COVID-19 and Navigating the turbulence" SIAM India
08.04.2020 "Rising to a Challenge - Business in the midst of a pandemic" Autocar Professional
08.04.2020 "Session 2 - Tools and Rules of Additive Manufacturing" Objectify Technologies Pvt. Ltd.